Our Products

Pocket Trips

Innovative Location Based Mobile App that is powered by GPS tracking, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality and Beacon technology that can be utilized to enhance learning, training, events and tourism activities.

  • New Learning On the Move Tool in the market.
  • Customisable & reusable location-based mobile trials for student activities, orientation programs, academic courses and more.
  • Powered by GPS tracking, Image Recognition (IR) & Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.
  • Admin has access to live updates & reporting.
  • Applicable for training, team building, events & tourism.
  • HRDF claimable* (T&C applied – Malaysia Only).
  • Available on Google Play Store & Apple Store.


A next generation Social Learning Platform that offers a Global, Social and Engaging learning environment for academic institutions & corporates.

  • CN offers a comprehensive next generation Social Learning Platform, as well as online learning and social collaboration functionalities to transform teaching and learning.
  • CN ensures that teaching and learning opportunities are available for everyone, anywhere in the world, at any time, through the web or the mobile app.
  • Through CN, both teachers and learners in either urban or rural areas can be connected globally via web or smart phone apps.
  • Platform built to enhance user’s teaching & learning experience with user friendly interface.
  • CN provides site-update releases bi weekly in a seamless, and professional manner in order to maintain constant improvement and development goals.
  • Contains customisable features such as Quizzes, Advanced Analytics, Live Conferencing, Mobile App & many more!
  • Available on Google Play Store & Apple Store.

CN Post

A plugin tool that can be integrated to existing Learning Management System to provide a Social, Global and Engaging learning environment.

  • CN Post can effectively increase learning engagement and make online discussions fun.
  • According to a 2016 student survey, 77.7% students agree that CN has helped them stay interested in their course.
  • Track student participation and discussion topics. Visual analytics are available to the entire class and are specifically generated for online discussion.
  • Give students the opportunity to connect with learners who share their similar academic interests – Globally! Users can choose to view content and interact with peers in various scopes.
  • CN Post offers popular social media features, such as Followers, Hashtags, Post Visibility Settings, etc. Today’s learners find CN intuitive and easy to use.
  • According to the 2016 student survey, 82% students like the look and feel of CN.
  • Available on Google Play Store & Apple Store.


Advanced video capturing tool to meet recording needs of education & corporate industries.

  • An advanced easy to use video capturing tool that follows and records user’s movements.
  • Available with cloud hosting to provide for an integrated solution for video capturing to content management to storage.